Bard Clemente Course in the Humanities

For Affiliates: Step One

For Affiliates: Step One

Applying and Funding

Thank you for your interest in the Bard Clemente Course in the Humanities.  For more information please email Lela Hilton ( and/or Marina van Zuylen (  Welcome to this great program!

The Affiliate Relationship

While Bard welcomes and hopes to inspire the creation of humanities courses for low-income students, only programs officially affiliated with Bard may use the "Clemente Course" name and receive college credit from Bard. Bard's sponsorship varies depending on the needs of a particular affiliate organization. Bard provides certificates of achievement to all students who complete the course, and six transferable college credits to those who have participated at a high academic level; the benefits of national initiatives including curriculum development, evaluation, sharing of information, and public relations; an annual review meeting bringing together course directors, faculty, administrators, funders, and other officials involved with the operation of Clemente Courses nationally; and various ongoing assistance with all aspects of the program. VIEW MORE >>

Developing Community Support

Garnering community support can be accomplished through networking, creating innovative partnerships, and through the fundraising process itself. In some locations there have been formal presentations to invited groups that bring together representatives of the social service community, higher education institutions, potential funders, and influential individuals. More informal networking can also be beneficial, with presentations to coalitions of organizations serving low-income populations, groups of social workers, administrators and faculty members at colleges and universities, and individual funders. In some communities a more targeted approach has been successful, where private meetings with a few key individuals have led to all the necessary connections for identifying the best host site and faculty as well as interested funders.