Bard Clemente Course in the Humanities

For Student Applicants

For Student Applicants
The Clemente Course provides college-level instruction in the humanities, with the award of college credits, to economically and educationally disadvantaged individuals at no cost and in an accessible and welcoming community setting. Participants study four disciplines: literature, art history, moral philosophy, and American history. Students explore fiction, poetry, drama, painting, sculpture, architecture, and philosophy, while learning about the events that define our nation.

Did You Know?

You can receive college credits for the Clemente Course, but you don't need to pay for them. Bard College covers the cost of tuition.

How to Enroll in a Course

If you would like to join a Clemente Course:
  1. First, check the list of current affiliate Clemente Courses to see if there is a course located near you.
  2. Consult the Clemente Course's international website.
  3. Using the provided information, contact the local affiliate or course director in order to set up an interview.
  4. Fill out the application form (PDF) and bring it with you to the interview.
Once completed, please email your application by September 23, 2019 to Marina van Zuylen: or drop it off at the front desk of the Kingston Public Library at 55 Franklin Street, NY 12401.

If contact information in the list is missing, or if you are interested in the possibility of courses opening in your area in the future, email Marina van Zuylen, Bard's representative for the Bard College Clemente Course in the Humanities.

Requirements for Enrolling

  1. Be older than 17 years
  2. Have the ability to read a newspaper in English
  3. Belong to a household with income of no higher than 150 percent of the federal poverty level
  4. Express a willingness to commit to an eight-month course and to do the required work