Bard Clemente Course in the Humanities

Our Students: In Their Own Words

Our Students: In Their Own Words

"Every week we come committed, trying to find our voice. We all take risks beyond what is imaginable. For several hours each week, we put aside our daily lives and are encouraged to reach deep down inside and build on what we already possess."

"People need to be inspired. People need an avenue. The Clemente Course exposes us to things that we can hold on to and remember and that we can pass on and enrich our own lives. It's something beyond getting six credits. It's something that exposes us to things that can help us in other ways."

"Before I found the Clemente Course, my life was heading nowhere very fast. I had dropped out of high school and was in a gang. I felt helpless and powerless to change my life around. I went from a high school drop out to someone who was awarded a full scholarship to attend a school with an outstanding academic reputation."

"I don't feel like I'm on the outside of anyone's conversation anymore."

"I feel like there is a war going on in me. There is the underworld that's pulling at me, that's telling me there's so much to do, so much excitement from moment to moment. But when I read these books, I feel like I'm feeding my brain, and I know there's this other world where people have their lives in order and it's sunlight. I am a little amazed when I go into cafes to read books because I feel that people are looking at me with respect, like they never suspected that I would be capable of not being a loser."

"I have gained a new respect for myself and confidence to continue my education. I took great joy in sharing every subject with family and friends. I even forced Hobbes on my co-workers."